CHINT Meter – Accomplished Team with International Certificates

2020-10-28 CHINT Meter – Accomplished Team with International Certificates 2803

A latest research of Wood Mackenzie shows that the number of global AMI smart meters' installations will reach 1.3bn units in 2025, and cumulative expenditure would exceed 127.6bn US dollars. With the rapid development of the global smart meter market, CHINT Meter has continuously increased R&D investment in optimizing and upgrading smart meter and AMI system products to drive continuous rapid growth in global performance. Through years of effort, CHINT Meter has expanded its business to more than 70 countries and regions.


International certificates obtained with great achievements of R&D

Since 2017, CHINT Meter R&D team has independently developed a variety of differentiated and innovative products and system solutions, including power consumption information collection system PowerEasy, prepaid billing management system, Android meter reading App, smart gateway, and communication solutions suitable for different application scenarios. The four series of electricity meter products SWARM, ELITE, ALTITUDE and QUANTUM respectively cover different functional configurations to meet the needs of different markets and application scenarios. Among them, the ELITE and ALTITUDE series are the main products of smart meters and designed with cost-effective solutions, which can quickly respond to the demands of different markets in Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia, etc. Now, the QUANTUM series is the next generation of smart meters under planning.

During this period, the products developed by the team successfully obtained numerous patents for inventions, utility models and software copyrights. In 2018, the team firstly obtained the ROHS and WEEE certificates. In 2019, the CTS and G3-PLC certifications were issued for the first time with one-time access.


Keeping tracking of market trends by internal and external linkage

In 2018, the EV-01 project was newly developed. The R&D and the sales team worked closely to meet the precise demand and adopted customized R&D strategy. Therefore, they only spent 3 months from communication with the demand, product development, and samples delivery to the first batch of delivery.

Moreover, the product design is compatible with the needs of other neighboring countries. It supports the DLMS protocol of international interconnection and the original DLT/T645-2007 protocol of this market, which not only meets the needs of customers to be compatible with old products in the market, but also meets customers' sustainable upgrading and maintaining the demand for advanced technology.

In 2019, the team continued to deepen the market by using the "Iron Triangle" project model, breaking through the technical difficulties, and developing single phase smart meter, concentrator and other products that meet the needs of the local market. 

More importantly, a total number of 1 million single phase smart meters have been shipped, breaking the market monopoly and becoming the core supplier of this market.

The main factor of the success of the EV-01 project is the team's unremitting efforts towards to R&D of products. The new products not only open up new markets, but also become the main component of AMI smart meters in this market. It's worth noting that the EV01 project is the first million-level overseas utility AMI system project of CHINT Meter. At the same time, it is also the first large-scale overseas project of CHINT Meter upgrading from components to solutions and realizing localized production, which has accumulated rich experience and laid a good foundation for realizing overseas localization transformation.


Precise R&D, efficient collaboration

By combining the current markets with potential markets, combining traditional products with advanced levels worldwide, combining short-term and long-term benefit, CHINT Meter gradually form an innovative development system of R&D, development and reservation, while the product structure is optimizing increasingly. In the meantime, the Team and the Sales are closely interacting around the market to achieve "Precise Demand, Customized R&D" and continually wining orders from global market.



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