Our Solutions
  • Overseas Smart Metering Solution

    The AMI system, with the functions of real-time data acquisition, power quality analysis, equipment condition monitoring, and statistical analysis of the electricity consumption, etc, is able to help utilities to reduce costs for metering and billing, protect their revenues and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Gas Data Collection and Billing System Solution

    In line with the development of the gas industry and the demand of the market, Chint's overall gas solution solves the actual needs of customers from three aspects: smart remote transmission, data transmission and daily business management.

  • Water Data Collection and Billing System Solution

    The system mainly monitors and measures the water supply network in real time, monitors the operation status of the water supply network and the water meter, and performs water network balance calculation and loss statistics to ensure the safety and stability of the water supply.

  • Utility Metering and Billing Solutions

    Through the comprehensive high-speed data acquisition, processing and application of energy information, the precise measurement of the classification of electricity, gas, water and heat is realized.

  • Smart Distribution Monitoring Management System Solution

    Help users realize real-time monitoring and control of distribution links, timely analysis and prevention of distribution accidents, transparent management of operation and maintenance, improvement of safety and reliability of power consumption and intelligent management level.

  • Smart Gas Metering Solution

    The solution provides a feature-rich, easy-to-use management system. Through this system, we can meet the daily management needs of our customers.

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