NP96-MD/2MD-A, NP72-MD/2MD-A Maximum demand meter
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Introduction: NP96-MD/2MD-A and NP72-MD/2MD-A maximum demand meter consists of single structure demand meter and double structure demand meter. Utilizing the heat/time character of the instrument, it can record the periodical average maximum current value in the electric load. It will indicate the maximum average circuit after 8 minutes or 15 minutes, red indicator stands for the maximum demand, and the maximum value can be zero reset by zero reset button. However, this button is sealed by the electricity department to prevent zero reset without authority.
Structural features: The maximum demand current meter adopts printed dial scale, crystal glasses cover, fire-proof plastic cover, making it clear, aesthetic and generous, suitable for measuring the demand periodical average maximum current value in various electric system, electric controlled users and kinds of electric equipment, to reach the goal of economization.
Application: It is mainly applied into the electrical equipment of industrial and mining area, new energy area, petrochemical area, transportation and shipping area, aeronautics and astronautics area and power transmission and distribution area.
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