XMT-5000 series digital indicating controllers
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Summary & Application:
XMT-5000 series digital indicating controllers have variety of advantages, such as high accuracy, easy installation, good reliability, strong anti-vibration and anti-interference ability, etc. With various of external sizes and complete control mode, it can be widely applied into temperature measurement and automation control within -200℃to 1800℃ for those industries including plastic, rubber, packing, food machinery, metallurgy, refrigeration, chemical, medical treatment, etc. It can realize measurement and control for the parameters such as pressure, flow, liquid position, humidity, etc. coordinated with the corresponding sensor.
◆Support ten types of free switching such as hot resistance, thermocouple, voltage, current, etc., and the measuring range and display resolution can be set.
◆The input adopts digital correction system, the built-in usually use thermocouple and hot-resistance non-linear correction table for accurate measurement.
◆The potentiometer control and PID control can be freely switched, and the positive& negative effect can be set.
◆Three sets of relay output functions can be customized.
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