XMT-4000 series digital temperature indicating regulators
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Summary & Application: XMT-4000 series digital temperature indicating regulators has variety of advantages, such as high accuracy, easy installation, good reliability, strong anti-vibration and anti-interference ability, etc. With various of external sizes and complete control mode, it can be widely applied into temperature measurement and automation control within -200℃to 1800℃ for those industries including plastic, rubber, packing, food machinery, metallurgy, refrigeration, chemical, medical treatment, etc.
◆High cost performance with accuracy of class one, adopting keyboard input settings.
◆Support same type of sensor with graduation freely switched, full range of measurement and automatic switching for resolution
◆The input adopts digital correction system, the built-in common thermocouple and hot-resistance non-linear correction table for accurate measurement.
◆The potentiometer regulation and time scale regulation can be freely switched, and the positive& negative effect can be set.
◆It has perfect self-checking and protection function. According to the nature of the error, it can automatically correct or timely propose and close output when errors occur.
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