PD7777-□S4 series three phase digital multi-functional meter
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Summary: As a new generation of programmable intelligent instrument, PD7777-□S4 series three phase digital multi-functional meter is designed for the demand of power monitoring and electric energy measurement including power system, communication industry and construction industry, integrated with measurement and communication, mainly applied into real-time measurement and indication for the electrical parameters such as voltage, current, active power, negative power, frequency, power factor, four-quadrant energy, realizing networked through RS485 communication interface and external device.
◆It can measure three phase current, voltage, active/reactive power, power factor, frequency, positive/negative active energy, four-quadrant reactive energy.
◆With the standard RS-485 communication interface, adopting the standard ModBus-RTU communication protocol and the baud rate can be set with switch quantity input function.
◆Function extension: four-way analog quantity output function; four-way switching quantity output function (“remote-communication” and “remote control” functions)
◆Parameters such as the current/voltage ratio, indication mode for electrical quantity, the of the meter, electric quantity display mode, communication address of the meter, baud rate, transmitting output object, transmitting output range, alarming object, alarming upper/lower limit, etc. can be randomly programmed and set.
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