Smart remote cold water meter
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◎ The principle is that a magnet is added to the pointer (or gear) inside the table. The rotation of the table drives the magnet to rotate. The rotation of the magnet causes the dry reed pipe (or Hall element) to send out the pulse signal, and record the pulse signal by the circuit, and accumulate it in the electronic memory.
◎ When reading the meter, the collector reads the data of the memory in the circuit. Data on the table cannot be read directly. If the environment interference occurs in the counter data table and the data are not consistent, need to adjust or reset the base meter reading system. The counter module has a built-in battery, and the general use time is four years. The battery is sealed on the module, and the whole module is needed after the electricity is lost.
◎ The advantage of the pulse type is that the principle of the structure is
simple. The remote information is based on the remote transmission
components to accumulate water, and can be accurately reached to a few decimal places. The disadvantage is that the battery is powered, rather than directly judging the value on the table. It needs to replace the counting module regularly, and the pulse signal is susceptible to external interference, resulting in data inaccuracy.
◎ Application: small number, large caliber, pre-control cost of the user.
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