European Utility Week 2018
The 20th European Energy Week was held in Vienna, Austria on November 6-8, covering the fields of electricity, water, thermal energy, gas, etc., involving smart meters, smart grids, data management, smart home, AMR & AMI, communications & IT, energy retailing, etc., with 20000+ square meters exhibition hall, more than 13,000 professionals, 120 countries, 350 utility companies, 650 exhibitors, 180 speakers.

Exhibition Products

Overseas Smart Metering Solution
The AMI with function of real-time data acquisition, power quality analysis, equipment condition information monitoring, statistical analysis of the electricity consumption, etc. It covering power generation, transmission, substation, power distribution, electricity consumption, and scheduling of electric energy metering, data collection, analysis, processing, control and management, etc.
Exhibition Video
On-site News Coverage of The Exhibition
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