New product launch of Chint Next Series

2019-01-04 chint 4741

"Chint Next Series" products include electricity meter, din-rail meter and digital display meter. This series of products is a new product developed by Chint Meter for the distribution market, and proposes 3 value propositions and 4 major improvements.

The “Chint Next Series” products have comprehensively improved the quality. The full electricity meter product series support 2 kinds of communication and 3 kinds of display; with high flame retardant and low temperature rise; special metering chip, more accurate measurement; reducing current specification, more convenient selection; power consumption less than 0.7W; terminal cover flip over 135° and easier installation. The external control of the din-rail meter product supports a variety of tripping methods; the low temperature drifting components are used to achieve higher measurement accuracy; the 35mm DIN standard din-rail is installed with smaller volume, and the slot is designed to facilitate installation. The digital display meter supports teleindication, telemetering and remote control; the Phoenix terminal design is convenient for plug-in and pull out; it is produced on the same platform as the state grid electricity meter to ensure product quality.

"Chint Next Series" products take "reliability" as the core requirement. The project invested 20 million RMB in R&D, more than 60 core R&D personnel, 2508 reliability tests, and has passed CE certification, MC certification, and ROHS certification.


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