About Gas Meter

2020-08-13 chint 3443

CHINT gas meter industry started in 2002.  The capacity can achieve 3 million meters per year, which is one of the top ten in China. The main products are diaphragm gas meter, pre-and post-paid gas meter, Internet of things gas meter, IC card gas meter and management system. It has obtained EN 1359, OIML R 137, MID certification. We are also the first Chinese company to pass the 8000 hours durability test.


CHINT Meter products have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions, and exports of gas meter ranked the top in China for years, which is widely used by public utilities and non-public utilities.


The design of gas meter is derived from European standards. Recently GPRS and NB-IOT smart gas meter are developed for overseas markets with professional management system and services based on international standards, which are safe and reliable. It also can be controlled by cloud system and mobile phone, etc.


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