Integrating Innovation, Winning The Future - 2018 Machinery Industry Summit (Hangzhou Station) Successfully Concluded

2018-05-10 chint 3050

On April 27th, sponsored by Zhengtai Electric, the 2018 Machinery Industry Summit (Hangzhou Station) with the theme of “Integration and Innovation, Win-Win Future” was held in the “Chengtai World” lecture hall of Zhengtai Group in Hangzhou.

The meeting was opened with the welcome speech of Zhang Dabin, general manager of China's distribution business department. Cheng Hao, general manager of the strategic investment department, introduced the development of the group's production chain to the guests. Chen Jianbin, deputy general manager of the marketing department of China, introduced the Zhengtai machinery industry solution. And products. He pointed out that Chint's product solutions include a complete product line that can meet the individualized processes and needs of customers, not only optimize the comprehensive procurement cost of the enterprise, but more importantly, improve the performance, reliability and operation and maintenance efficiency of the equipment, and help the enterprise transformation. Upgrade to improve product competitiveness. After that, Jiang Rui, director of business development of Nojac's marketing department, also gave a detailed introduction to the Zhengnake Jacques series.

At the meeting, Yang Zhongfu of Southern China Golden Environment Co., Ltd. spoke as a representative of the partner. He briefly described the 12-year history of cooperation with Chint from 2006 to now: from sporadic procurement, product trials, and gradually deepening cooperation, this year Sign a strategic cooperation framework agreement. He also praised the advantages of Zhengtai from technical support, product quality, delivery time and after-sales service. He will further cooperate closely with Chint in the future, and cooperate in product solutions, new machine supporting research and development, management and reference. , work together to transform and develop.

At the meeting, Chint has signed strategic cooperation agreements with some of its customers. In the future, it will share the superior resources of both parties, accelerate the cooperation between the two parties, and promote the cooperation between the two parties to achieve fruitful results.

At the end of the conference, Guo Yanjun, vice president of Zhengtai Electric, made a concluding speech. He pointed out that the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are emerging, and the development of the machinery industry faces new opportunities and challenges. The competition of modern enterprises is no longer the competition of individual enterprises, but the competition of enterprise supply chains, and the competition of enterprise clusters. How to form a strategic cooperation alliance with well-known brand enterprises in the upstream and downstream industries to create a supply chain ecology with competitive advantages is an important guarantee for the sustainable development and strength of the enterprise. As a leading industrial electric appliance company in China, Zhengtai Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. can provide reliable product and system solutions for the automation and intelligent level of the machinery industry, and enhance the brand value for customers. At the same time, signing a strategic cooperation agreement with some enterprises is a new beginning for cooperation between the two parties. Chint is willing to deeply support the transformation and upgrading of its partners, promote the cooperation between the two sides to achieve fruitful results, and achieve comprehensive win-win and long-term development.

The meeting was held not only to build a platform for customers and friends to enter Zhengtai and deeply understand the whole industrial chain of Chint. It also created an opportunity for everyone to exchange, make friends and enhance friendship, and promote the deepening of upstream and downstream partners. In-depth cooperation in strategic cooperation and mutual benefit for the future.

The success of the conference will become an influential and iconic event platform for the in-depth integration of Chint Electronics and machinery industry customers. In the future, we will explore the road of innovation and development with our partners and build an ecological environment of cooperation and win-win.

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