Wireless remote meter
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The wireless remote water meter uses the LoRa technology to communicate
with the collector and concentrator through the micro power metering frequency band (470-510 MHz). The data is uploaded to the concentrator,
and the concentrator communicates with the master station through the GPRS
module and uploads the data to the master station. It can automatically collect
water meter's water consumption remotely, support two-way communication,
real-time on/off valve, real-time point-to-point data acquisition. The meter is
normally in low power mode. When a concentrator issues a meter reading
command, the water meter at the specified address wakes up and starts to
collect data. To effectively reduce the meter power consumption, after data
collection, meter will continue to enter into the low power consumption state.
This product also has a valve control function (optional) to facilitate the
management department to control the water consumption of the water meter, making remote control and meter reading more convenient and reliable, and effectively improving efficiency while saving manpower, material and financial resources.
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